Finally a precision spraying solution for the turf market.

At Van Wall, we developed an idea to scale down field proven precision farming products to be applicable to the turf industry. With the coming need to accurately document when and where chemicals are applied as well as how much, the GreenStarTM 2630 touch screen display is a natural fit. The 2630 has the capability to document product application across multiple locations while keeping the records separate for each location by utilizing John Deere’s Operations Center, as applied maps and application reports can be automatically generated.


With the rising cost of chemicals and the need for precise applications, it is obvious that every attempt must be made to control overspray and reduce double spraying. We accomplished this by incorporating a GreenStarTM rate controller 2000 and section control to shut off individual boom sections. The GreenStarTM 2630 records a coverage map as product is being applied. As a section of the boom goes over a non-targeted area it shuts off automatically, thus controlling application and saving chemicals. By avoiding double spraying, environmental stewardship
is also achieved..


Consistent boom height is critical to accurate chemical application. Therefore, an automatic boom height control system is a must on any golf course spray unit. We have incorporated our exclusive sonic boom control system from Greentronics called RiteHeight. The RiteHeight system utilizes two sonic  sensors to read boom height above the ground and adjust the boom wings accordingly.


All pricing starts with base kit and then options can be added as needed. A signal level will also need to be selected. Customers can choose to upgrade to different options at any time.


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