The Van Wall | John Deere TECH Program

John Deere TECH Program

Van Wall Equipment offers a full tuition scholarship as part of the sponsorship the company provides for students who achieve a John Deere Agricultural Technician degree. To complete their degrees, candidates are able to attend school at Northeast Iowa Community College in Calmar, IA or Southeast Community College in Milford, NE.

In each program, students will gain exposure to electronics, hydraulics, diesel engines, powertrains, heating and air Conditioning, safety, and much more! During the program, students will have a combination of classroom, hands-on, and internship experience. With Van Wall, all time spent working at dealerships for the internship component of the program is paid at a standard hourly rate. Additionally, students will have an opportunity to achieve internship raises during their program by meeting set academic standards.

There are many benefits of attending the John Deere Ag Tech program. Aside from furthering education and knowledge in agricultural mechanics other advantages are: discounted tools, job lined up upon graduation*, established relationships, opportunity for advancement, and more!

If you are interested and would like to be considered for sponsorship please submit an application.

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