10 Ways to Optimize Your Fall Harvest Equipment

Check out our 10 tips for optimizing your fall harvest equipment for improved profitability through increased productivity and lower expenses!


  1. Check all tire pressures to make sure they are set correctly to minimize soil compaction, maximize traction, and reduce fuel consumption. The correct pressure information is available on your brands website such as Titan and Goodyear.


  1. Measure your tread wear on your driving tires to make sure they are 50% or more than factory specification. Also consider changing over to the new LSW tire and wheel package. The new LSW super singles reduces compaction, power hop, and road lope as a result of the LSW’s narrower sidewall construction, larger rolling radius and wrap around ply construction design. Tire condition can be huge detractor from productivity and fuel cost. Stop by your local Van Wall Equipment store to check out these tires today!


  1. Make sure that all air, fuel, and hydraulic filters are current. This will allow for improved fuel efficiency, less heat, and reduced wear.


  1. Get with your personal Van Wall Precision Specialist and review your connections to the John Deere Operations Center through JDLink so that you will be able to record the needed field data to manage future agronomic decisions. Your collected data will allow us to better assist you in the future using our  Solutions 360 Strategy.


  1. Install the newly designed John Deere ripper points on your deep tillage units to maximize soil blending, porosity, and productivity while minimizing fuel consumption. There are new Caden Edge options available as well that will double their useful life.


  1. Add a Summers rotary harrow with cleaning edge bar to your current deep tillage rippers to maximize soil blending and stalk break up while at the same time creating a more consistent landscape for next Spring’s field cultivator pass.


  1. Make sure if you didn’t sign up your combine for our off- season inspection program that you measure your cylinder bars to be sure they are within tolerance. Cylinder bar and concave wear is a huge power robber while at the same time they can greatly affect grain quality.


  1. Make sure that all of your safety equipment from flashers to fire extinguisher are working properly. We check that when we inspect your equipment through our shop, but you should always double check. There is nothing that can more negatively affect the success of your fall harvest more than a personal injury accident.


  1. Check the wear on the auger flighting on your grain carts. Significant wear will not only cause grain quality issues but rob horsepower and lose time for you on every unload. It can be a hidden issue!


  1. Inspect and grease all wheel bearings and re-torque the wheels on your carts, wagons, combines, and tractors where appropriate. There is nothing much more discouraging, dangerous, and time consuming than a spilled load of grain or a vehicle in the ditch due to a broken axle or wheels coming off.


Have a great harvest and when you do need support, our Van Wall Team will work hard to be your clear first choice, with our 30+ mobile crane truck fleet and over 100 certified technicians. Not to mention a great group of experienced parts people, all of who have one goal to minimize your down time!!  Just dial us up or text us. We will be there for you.


Thank you for your business, Don Van Houweling