Golf & Turf All Star Lineup

The Van Wall Golf & Turf division is dedicated to bringing our customers the best products in the industry. Today we are spotlighting some must have products that every golf course should have on hand. This all star lineup was handpicked from our top performing brands!


John Deere

John Deere is committed to developing products that exceed customers‘ expectations. The 6500A PrecisionCut™ Fairway Mower is the newest mower to join the John Deere product line. It’s three-wheel stance and smooth tires improve maneuverability and after-cut appearance. This mower will be a great addition to your golf course.

Honda Power Equipment

Honda Power Equipment is a leader in the development of low-emission, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly engines. That means their engines are reliable no matter the situation. Our Honda Power Equipment picks are the Honda Generator and Water Pump. Bad weather can happen at anytime having a Honda Generator and Water Pump on hand means you can take care of any problem that may occur.



STIHL is the number one bestselling brand of gasoline-powered handheld equipment in the United States. From leaf blowers to trimmers STIHL’s product line of portable and reliable equipment is a must have for any golf course.

Buffalo Turbine

Buffalo Turbine is well known for their debris blowers, sprayers, and dust & odor control equipment.  One of our top sellers for Buffalo Turbine is the Cyclone Squared. The Cyclone Squared is the first dual turbine debris blower in the industry. Its dual turbines make for quick and effective cleaning.


Salsco is a well known name in the Golf & Turf industry. Our customers love using the Green Rollers for greens, fairways, tees and sports fields. The Hp5.5 Gas Green Roller is a popular model for us as it creates smooth surfaces for our customers.


Wiedenmann is one of the leading companies in turf maintenance. Its Greens TERRA SPIKE® was made with golf greens in mind. The Greens TERRA SPIKE® high performance, user friendly set up, technical reliability and durability make it the perfect machine for any golf course.

If you have any questions about the products featured in this article contact your local Van Wall Equipment store.  Our Golf & Turf division is located in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Illinois.