Planter Clinic 2020

Planter Clinic

Planter Clinic 2020

Don’t miss out on Van Wall Equipment’s Planter Clinics! Now’s the perfect time to make sure your planting equipment is optimized for the season. At our clinics we will cover the basics required to set up and collect good accurate data this Spring. We will also highlight the important adjustments you can make on your planter to give every seed the best opportunity for success. Lastly we will touch on some common challenges that many growers face and how to overcome them. 

Planter Clinic Date

March 4th                                                                                                  Location: Western Iowa Expo Building                            Address: 800 Highway 39 North, Denison, IA 51442                                                                                                                                    Schedule                                                                                                         Intro – 2:00 PM                                                                                        Parts – 2:15 PM                                                                                          AMS – 2:45 PM                                                                                     Planter – 3:45 PM                                                                                Dinner – 5:00 PM 


Planter Inspection

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