Power Up Your Marketing Strategy

Power Up Your Marketing Strategy

It is starting to appear that 2019 will be a year of significant opportunity for all grain and livestock producers. The secret may be timing and a focused marketing strategy. This year corn and soybeans may find themselves subject to two different market cycles. Could this be a good time to lock in some profitable December corn prices? The opportunity for beans may come later in the marketing year once we are able to deal with tariff issues and the market supply disruptions. The demand for corn and beans continues to grow worldwide.

Since most of you will purchase a revenue protection Crop Insurance policy that protects you from both price and yield fluctuations we should not be afraid to make some of these decisions now during these key planning months. Our professional Crop Insurance Agents at Van Wall will be pleased to show you how this can and does work for you.

Lets face it – you folks are good producers- you know how to make your ground produce. However, without a focused marketing strategy we simply won’t get the returns we need on our valuable ground and equipment investments. As I talk with many of you I am finding that your single most discouraging activity continues to be selling your grain at the right time.

I would challenge all of you to put your fear aside and make the decision to work with a proven marketing professional in 2019. As they say JUST DO IT!

– Don Van Houweling