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Solar Panels

Van Wall has  been your trusted partner in the renewable energy business for 10 years. Our goal continues to be the creation of special opportunities for our producers to reduce their operating costs and increase their margins.  We have seen significant improvements in the return on investment on solar systems due to new technology. Solar panels are now able to absorb and transmit energy very efficiently. As a result, we are able to reduce the cost of a watt of electricity from the standard retail prices of 11-13 cents all the way down to a net cost of 4 cents for many standard 25 KW installations.

We have found that the best returns are showing up on livestock and grain handling installations of 25 KW and above. There has been a significant increase in the number of new installations this year. The best opportunities are where there is a true retail rolling twelve month net billing opportunity. This is available for Alliant Energy and Mid- American Energy customers since their tariffs fall under the interstate laws.


Solar Energy Installment Boone, IA
Solar Energy Installment Boone, IA

With our hydraulic installation equipment we can now install systems year-round.  This winter would be a great time to start saving and get your facilities on a renewable system so  that you can control your energy costs for the next 20 years. Installing solar energy on your operation will help improve your profitability, reduce your risk, and make your business easier to manage.

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