John Deere 318G Skid Steer

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Small machine, sizable results.

When you need small equipment that can rise high, master heavy loads, and deliver impressive boom and breakout forces, the John Deere 318G Skid Steer can be the do-it-all machine that fits the work you do. Its vertical-lift configuration, amped-up performance, and wide range of options are the result of some of the best ideas we’ve heard – and put into action on the entire lineup of our compact construction equipment – from users just like you.

Whether you’re buying your first loader or boosting the flexibility of an existing fleet, this reimagined compact is designed to elevate your bottom line. Like all of our G-Series Skid Steer models, it’s packed for productivity with faster transport speed options, easy trailering with convenient standard tie-downs, ultra clear sightlines, and easy-access service points. You’ve got a full job ahead, and we’ve got the power you need to get in, get comfortable, and get it done.

Contact us today for more information on the John Deere 318G Skid Steer, and see why Van Wall has been proudly providing the Midwest with quality skid steers for over 70 years!

  • Gross Power: 65 hp (48.5 kW)
  • Net Power: 61 hp (45.6 kW)
  • Rated Operating Capacity: 1,945 Lbs (833 kg)
  • Operating Weight: 6,542 Lbs (2,970 kg)

Increase your machine’s versatility with John Deere’s wide array of attachment offerings

John Deere 318G Skid Steer AttachmentsWith over 100 attachments offered in the John Deere portfolio, you can make the most out of your skid steer by equipping it with several popular attachments.

  • Increased auxiliary hydraulic flows and power over previous models enable greater performance while running attachments.
  • Optional electrically-actuated Quik-Tatch™ enables some attachment connecting to take place within the cab, reducing the need for exiting and re-entering the cab to manually connect attacments.
  • Creep control (offered within the Joystick Performance Package) allows operators to perform precise tasks that require full hydraulic flow and power while running at lower travel speeds.
  • Vertical lift configuration on the 317G and 318G allows for higher attachment reach and increased stability.

Enjoy all day comfort and operational ease with the spacious, updated cab

John Deere 318G Skid Steer CabTo maximize productivity and comfort, an array of enhancements have been made to the cab and controls to keep operators satisfied throughout the entire day.

  • 25% more cab volume than the E-Series, including the addition of a lap bar.
  • The sealed and pressurized cab reduces outside noise and keeps the dust out.
  • Optional air ride heated seat provides customers working throughout the cold winter months increased comfort.
  • Optional Bluetooth radio enables streaming of content from a cell phone.
  • Optional International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-H switchable controls with electrohydraulic (EH) Joystick Performance Package allows operators to easily select the pattern they prefer.
  • Differential steering allows the operator to maintain speed and traction when pushing through a turn.

Increase productivity with electrohydraulic (EH) controls

John Deere 318G Skid Steer EH ControlsElectrohydraulic (EH) controls offer increased functionality to allow operators to customize machine operations based on preference. The EH controls also require less operator effort and are not as fatiguing over longer periods of operation compared to manual linkages. With fewer physical components and maintenance requirements, EH control machines provide operators with increased productivity across a variety of job applications.

  • EH tracking is adjusted electronically from the monitor and can be tuned while machine is in operation.
  • Joysticks provide low effort fingertip operations and can be modified for each control style or application.
  • Anti-stall engine software prevents operator from unintentionally stalling the engine under heavy loads.
  • True Auto-Idle automatically idles engine when static for 5 seconds to save on fuel and component wear.
  • EH machines offer differential steering, an exclusive John Deere feature that speeds up the outside turning of tires/tracks for faster jobsite maneuvering.
  • EH control transition unlocks design improvements to reduce cab noise, significantly lower vibration, and offer better cab sealing, pressurization, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) performance.

Maneuverability of small frame machines allows for quality performance in tight spaces

John Deere 318G Skid Steer ManeuverabilitySmall frame G-Series machines accomplish heavy work in smaller spaces without sacrificing performance.

  • Multiple tire and track options enable G-Series machines to slim down and fit through narrow openings.
  • 316GR and 318G have a width below 63 inches (1,600.2 mm).
  • Two-pin attachment on the 316GR radial lift means fewer pivot points and less side-to-side movement.
  • Clear sightline to the cutting edge and bucket corners instills confidence when working in close quarters.

Added mobility features allow for easier transport on and between job sites

John Deere 318G Skid Steer TransportThe size and design of small frame G-Series machines makes them easy to transport, which provides owners and operators with a machine containing many features of larger machines but with a more compact footprint.

  • Integrated and easily accessible tie-downs in the front and rear of machines ensure safe and secure transport between job sites and allow for faster securing without the need to crawl under or over the machine.
  • Operating weight between 6,542 – 8,423 pounds (2,441.7 – 3,143.8 kg) enables lightweight trailer transport behind a standard pickup truck.
  • Two-speed powertrain option on the 316GR and 318G delivers travel speeds up to 10.1 MPH (16.3 km/h), allowing operators to move from one side of the jobsite to the other much faster.

Ease of serviceability allows you to spend more time completing the tasks at hand

John Deere 318G Skid Steer MaintenanceEnhanced serviceability features and ease of access to daily and preventative maintenance points ensures that these tasks do not significantly cut into working hours.

  • Swing-out rear door enables easy access to daily service checkpoints and cooling system.
  • The hood tilts up for ground level access to the dipstick, fuel and fluid filler necks, and see-through reservoirs.
  • A single person can lock the boom and swing the operator’s station up in less than two minutes for easy drivetrain reach.
  • Redesigned Quik-Tatch™ system optimized for effortless reach to grease zerks.
  • Optional JDLink™ provides machine data and health alerts to help decrease costly downtime.

Excellent visibility for increased situational and jobsite awareness

John Deere 318G Skid Steer VisibilityEnhanced visibility features increase jobsite awareness and allow operators to be as precise and productive as possible.

  • Optional deluxe lighting package with light-emitting diode (LED) lamps and side lights provides increased visibility early in the morning or at night over the standard halogen package.
  • Clear sight from the seat to the tires when boom arms are raised, and great visibility to the cutting edges and Quik-Tatch™ lock indicators when boom is lowered.
  • Rear view camera, low-sloped hood, and a high cross-tube on the upper linkage result in unmatched rear visibility.
  • Removable glass windows from inside the cab ensure that windows can be easily and adequately cleaned to improve visibility.


Lift Geometry: Vertical


Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar

Engine Model: 4TNV86CHT

Aspiration: Turbocharger

Displacement: 128 Cu In. (2.1 L)

Rated Speed: 2,600 RPM

SAE Power, Net: 61 hp (45.6 kW)

SAE Power, Gross: 65 hp (48.5 kW)

Maximum Gross Torque: 153 Lb-Ft (207 Nm)

Standard Tire Size: 10 x 16.5


Length, No Bucket: 103 In. (2,630 mm)

Length, Foundry Bucket: 127.6 In. (3,240 mm)

Width, No Bucket: 62.9 In. (1,600 mm)

Overall Height: 77.2 In. (1,960 mm)

Ground Clearance: 7 In. (180 mm)

Wheelbase: 41.5 In. (1,050 mm)

Rear Departure Angle: 22.3°

Height to Hinge Pin: 120 In. (3,050 mm)

Dump Angle: 42°

Dump Height, Maximum Foundry: 94.3 In. (2,400 mm)

Reach at Maximum Foundry Dump Height: 34 In. (860 mm)

Rollback, Ground Level: 30°


Fuel Tank: 19 U.S. Gal. (71 L)


Rated Operating Capacity, Foundry: 1,945 Lbs (883 kg)

Tipping Load, Foundry: 3,890 Lbs (1,766 kg)

Maximum Speed: 6.9 MPH (11.1 kph)

Lift Breakout, Foundry: 5,250 Lbf (23.3 kN)

Bucket Breakout, Foundry: 6,000 Lbf (26.6 kN)

Hydraulic Power: 33.1 hp (24.729 kW)

Pump Output: 17 U.S. Gal./Min. (63 L/Min.)

System Pressure: 3,450 PSI (237.87 Bar)


Operating Weight, Foundry: 6,542 Lbs (2,970 kg)

318G Skid Steer