Van Wall Partners With Brandt

Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd is pleased to announce the newest addition to their rapidly growing dealer network. Iowa-based Van Wall will now be providing Brandt products to their local farmers.

Winning at harvest time depends on getting the job done fast. So, Brandt’s new fastest-ever HP+ swing away augers are in the pole position, keeping your grain flowing with the highest speed and efficiency in the industry. Our improved boot and hopper designs increase capacity by up to 22%, saving you valuable time when you need it most. You can always count on Brandt to deliver the winning combination of productivity and reliability that today’s farms demand.

Nobody works harder than Brandt to keep you productive and profitable. That’s Powerful Value. Delivered.

Brandt Agricultural Products engineers and manufactures the most complete line of premium grain handling equipment on the market. Their complete line of hard-working Grain Augers, GrainBelt Conveyors, GrainCarts, GrainVacs, Grain Bagging and Unloading Equipment are designed to anticipate your needs and built to deliver powerful value – every time – and is now supported by Van Wall at these 16 locations in Iowa to meet all your grain handling needs.