John Deere 26G Compact Excavator

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Dig this big “small” idea.

Working within close lot lines and tight deadlines, you need to get the most from your “mini” machine. Enter the John Deere 26G Compact Excavator, designed to deliver big productivity and outsized versatility. We’ve enhanced our mini diggers to boast impressive lift capacity and breakout forces, with the same proven standard and optional features you’ve come to expect from John Deere compact construction equipment.

With operating weights ranging from 1.7 to 6 metric tons, our G-Series Mini Excavators pack powerful might. From variable-width undercarriage and foldable blades to standard climate-controlled cabs, we have a model that’s right for every job – including yours. So go ahead. Try this mini on for size and see just how big small can be.

Contact us today for more information on the John Deere 26G Compact Excavator, and see why Van Wall has been proudly providing the Midwest with quality compact excavators for over 70 years!

  • Net Power: 20 hp (14.9 kW)
  • Maximum Digging Depth: 8 Ft 6 In. (2.59 M)
  • Operating Weight: 6,110 Lbs (2,770 kg)

Change attachments quickly with mechanical coupler

John Deere 26G Compact Excavator AttachmentsThink of changing attachments as a system. With the quick connect auxiliary couplers and the manual quick coupler for attachments, changeover to the next attachment is quick with minimal downtime. When using hydraulic attachments, the auxiliary selector valve lets you quickly choose between attachment one-way and two-way flows.

  • The standard selector valve allows the connection of two attachments at the same time. Supply/return oil can be diverted from one to the other by changing valve position.
  • John Deere augers can be equipped with numerous sizes of rock, heavy-duty, standard, and tree/shrub bits.
  • Hydraulic hammers are perfect for quarry or trench work and concrete removal. Use them to break rock, concrete flatwork, and walls; around rebar; or to precut line.
  • The clamp, sometimes referred to as a thumb, can be used in conjunction with buckets. This aids in the removal of material if it is bulky and does not fit into the bucket completely.
  • Compact excavators use common buckets and attachments that customers who own other John Deere compact machines may already have in their fleets.

Increase efficiency with standard backfill blade

John Deere 26G Compact Excavator BackfillMake a sizable impact on your productivity and profitability with the backfill blade. The backfill blade can be used to level and backfill trenches. It is the same width as the undercarriage width. The blade can add versatility by using the blade and bucket to clamp and carry pipe, rocks, or other bulky items. A bolt-on cutting edge is available as optional equipment for the backfill blade.

  • Backfill blade adds versatility, enabling these compact excavators to grade and fill.
  • Provides extra stability with attachments or when working on uneven terrain.

A more spacious cab with a wider entryway and unsurpassed visibility

John Deere 26G Compact Excavator CabWith large entryways and virtually unrestricted sightlines, the G-Series’ spacious operator stations deliver all the comfort, convenience, and visibility operators need to bring out their best. Their ergonomically designed operator stations are built to accommodate even larger operators.

  • Spacious operator stations have wide entryways, making entrance and exit easier than ever.
  • Optional cab’s front glass is expansive, for exceptional visibility and higher productivity.
  • An adjustable work light at the top left of the canopy or cab increases job efficiency at night.
  • A slip-resistant entry is provided for safe access to the operator’s seat.
  • Foldable travel pedals increase foot and leg room.
  • A suspension seat is standard from the factory.
  • All controls are conveniently located to the operator’s right, including the optional radio.
  • Pilot control levers enable an operator to control the boom, bucket, arm, and swing functions.
  • Automatic, high-velocity, bi-level climate control system with automotive-style adjustable louvers helps keeps the glass clear and the operator comfortable.
  • Control pattern selector valve is conveniently located in a compartment beneath the seat and includes a sight glass that displays the selected pattern.
  • All canopies and cabs meet the following safety requirements:
    • Tip Over Protective Structure (TOPS)
    • Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS)
    • Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS)
  • The optional cab comes standard with a heater.
  • Both the cab and canopy units come with a step area for entry and exit.
  • An auto speed change system for high speed travel is employed.
    • The turtle speed lock switch will keep the machine in low when propelling.
    • The rabbit speed lock will always keep the unit in the higher mode unless a large load is applied to travel, like steering changes. The machine will then automatically shift to low, but return to high when the load is reduced.

Ground level daily service with extended maintenance intervals

John Deere 26G Compact Excavator MaintenanceExtended maintenance intervals enable the machine to remain working for longer periods of productive work before the need to service. This greatly increases uptime and productivity of the unit. Hinged door provides wide-open access to the side-by-side oil cooler, radiator, and battery. Cooler design resists trash buildup and allows easier core cleanout. Access is quick and convenient.

  • Extended oil change and greasing intervals contribute to low daily operating costs.
  • Oil impregnated front joint bushings allow the unit to extend grease intervals. Not only does it increase the time between greasing of the unit, this greatly reduces the chances of a problem occurring due to improper maintenance causing downtime of the operation.
  • The additional service door allows the operator and technician better access to components during daily service checks and routine maintenance for improved uptime.
  • Parts and service are available at over 1,400 John Deere dealers throughout North America.
  • Wet disc swing brake provides long-term maintenance-free performance.
  • No aftertreatment devices needed, reducing maintenance and expense.
  • An optional tilt tool is available for tilting the cab or canopy.
    • When maintenance or repair is required, simply use the tilt tool to raise the cab forward to an industry-leading 50°. This allows easy access to many components under the floor.

Easy-to-maintain undercarriage

John Deere 26G Compact Excavator UndercarriageThe X-frame undercarriage is similar to that of larger excavators, and it is designed to shed dirt and debris from the track frames. A track adjuster is located in each track frame and can be adjusted using a standard high pressure grease gun.

  • Track sag adjustment is conveniently located in the center of the frame to maintain proper track tension and maximize undercarriage life.
  • A track adjuster is located in each track frame and can be adjusted using a standard high pressure grease gun.
  • Tie-downs are provided so loading and transporting of the machine can be done quickly.
  • All models have a rear tie-down on the rear of the X-frame.
  • Rubber tracks are standard equipment.
    • Steel track and rubber crawler pads are optional.


Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar

Number of Cylinders: 3

Displacement: 77 Cu In. (1.267 L)

Rated Speed: 2,500 RPM

Engine Output, Net: 20 hp (14.9 kW)

Track Shoe Width: 12 In. (300 mm)


Transport Length, Mono Boom: 13 Ft 9 In. (4,180 mm)

Maximum Transport Height: 8 Ft (2,430 mm)

Overall Undercarriage Width: 4 Ft 11 In. (1,500 mm)

Track Length on Ground: 5 Ft (1,530 mm)

Overall Undercarriage Length: 6 Ft 5 In. (1,960 mm)

Tailswing Radius: 2 Ft 7 In. (800 mm)

Ground Clearance: 12 In. (300 mm)

Dozer Blade Height: 12.6 In. (320 mm)

Dozer Blade Width: 4 Ft 11 In. (1,500 mm)

Width Over Fixed Tracks: 4 Ft 11 In. (1,500 mm)

Track Gauge: 3 Ft 11 In. (1,200 mm)

Digging Reach, Mono Boom: 15 Ft 2 In. (4,630 mm)

Dig Height, Mono Boom: 14 Ft 1 In. (4,280 mm)

Dump Height, Mono Boom: 10 Ft (3,040 mm)

Dig Depth, Mono Boom: 8 Ft 6 In. (2,590 mm)

Standard Arm: 3 Ft 10 In. (1,170 mm)


Fuel Tank: 9 U.S. Gal. (34.07 L)

Hydraulic Tank: 6.3 U.S. Gal. (23.85 L)

Number of Batteries: 1

Voltage: 12 V


Ground Bearing Pressure: 3.8 PSI (25.9 kPa)

Swing Speed: 9.1 RPM

Travel Speed – High: 2.8 MPH (4.5 kph)

Arm Tearout: 3,410 Lbf (15.17 kN)

Bucket Breakout: 4,994 Lbf (22.21 kN)

Total Flow: 15.8 U.S. Gal. (72 L/Min.)


Operating Weight: 6,110 Lbs (2,770 kg)

26G Compact Excavator