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#TechTips | Spring Precision Ag Troubleshooting

Precision ag equipment and planting go together like green & gold. Recording your seeding passes is key to scouting during the growing season, using Variety Locator in the fall, and analyzing your data for future planting decisions. For most of us, planting will be the first time this year that we have to refamiliarize ourselves […]

Buyer’s Guide | Tires vs. Tweels

If you’ve been mower shopping in the last few years, chances are you’ve seen the Michelin X Tweel airless tires. As an additional option on select machines, what makes them different than traditional tires? Here’s a few key points you should know as a buyer! First, let’s start with the basics – what is a […]

2021 Seed to Grain Series | Right Seed, Right Acre

Welcome to our 2021 Seed to Grain Series, powered by Solutions 360! Throughout the year, we’ll follow a corn crop from preseason planning to post-harvest analysis. In Part 1, we want to focus on a million dollar question in agriculture – how do I know I’m putting the right seed on the right acre? Choosing […]

Right seed for the right acre

Video: The Right Seed on the Right Acre

Let our Precision Farming team help you find the right seed for your operation. Today our Agronomist Todd Farver is going to walk you through some key factors to keep in mind when you are buying seed this Spring! Contact us today to learn more!

#TechTips | The Power of JDLink Data

Of all the kinds of information we can collect today in agriculture, machine data continues to be one that’s often forgotten. JDLink has been around for close to 10 years and has gone through some recent changes that make it more advanced than ever – so how do we use it? Keep reading for some […]

StarFire Update

How To Update Your John Deere StarFire Receiver

Have you updated your John Deere StarFire Receiver yet? Don’t worry we’re here to make sure you are ready to go for the 2021 planting season! Our Precision Ag team is going to walk you through the mandatory updates for StarFire 3000 and 6000 receivers. They will be providing step by step directions on the […]

Buyer’s Guide | Used vs. New

When it comes to equipment shopping, a common question we receive is whether to buy used or new. While both options have great advantages depending on your needs, there are also a few key points to be cautious of. Check out our list of pros & cons below to decide which machine is right for […]

Field Naming for Success

#TechTips | Field Naming for Success

Field naming is one of the first steps in creating and managing your agronomic data. It’s also one of the biggest reasons data becomes messy and unorganized. Good client, farm, and field names are key to using your data for decision making – check out some of our helpful tips for success! The beginning of […]

John Deere Unveils New Product Lineup

John Deere released new equipment, technology, and integrated solutions March 2 in what might be the largest product announcement yet. The lineup includes sprayers, tractors, and planting equipment in both John Deere and Hagie models. Check out the details below, then head to the Virtual Pavilion for a 360 view! Five models in the all-new […]

Spring Mower Prep

Spring Mower Prep

The secret to any great looking lawn? Proper equipment maintenance. Before the neighborhood ‘opening day’ of lawn care arrives, it’s a good idea to make sure your mower is in top shape. While we always recommend having one of our turf experts service and prep your mower, here are a few simple things you can […]

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