John Deere 304 G-Tier Compact Wheel Loader


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Think big and run small.

Our 304 G-Tier Compact Wheel Loader combines serious performance with small size so you can be productive, even in tight spaces. Whether you work in site development, landscaping, or ag material handling, the space-saving stature and powerful ability of our compact construction lineup is just the start of customer-inspired ideas designed to move your operation to a new level of productivity.

The John Deere G-Tier Compact Wheel Loaders deliver rugged, reliable, and economical solutions without sacrificing equipment quality or support from your local Van Wall. Simple and intuitive controls, performance-enhancing options, and attachments for every job mean you can tackle every project – and every tight corner – with confidence.

Contact us today for more information on the John Deere 304 G-Tier Compact Wheel Loader, and see why Van Wall has been proudly providing the Midwest with quality compact loaders for over 70 years!

  • Net Power: 72 hp (53 kW) at 2,200 RPM
  • Operating Weight: 13,051 Lbs (5,920 kg)
  • Bucket Capacity: 0.9 – 1.4 Cu Yd. (0.7 – 1.1 Cu M)

Redesigned 304 G-Tier comes equipped with many productivity enhancements

John Deere 304 G-Tier Compact Wheel Loader FeaturesThe 304 G-Tier compact wheel loader comes with new features such as increased travel speed, horsepower, and a wider and taller machine frame. In addition, it retains many of its previous features that result in higher productivity in applications like site development, roadbuilding, agriculture, and snow removal.

  • Delivered as a response to feedback from our customer and dealer advocate groups, the travel speed of the 304 G-Tier has increased to 18.6 MPH from 12 MPH seen on the 304L. This enhancement allows the machine to accomplish tasks and move around jobsites quicker.
  • To increase visibility and improve overall machine stability, the height of the 304 G-Tier has been increased to 8 feet 6 inches (2,618 mm) and the width to 6 feet 5 inches (1,960 mm).
  • Horsepower has been increased from 68 to 74 (as compared to the 304L).
  • Limited slip differential is standard and automatically engages if one wheel loses traction. 45% of the available torque will move to the wheel with traction to help the machine better perform in soft underfoot conditions.
  • Optional ride control reduces material spillage from the bucket when traveling over rough and uneven terrain by cushioning the boom. This will help in getting the material being moved to where it is intended to go, and will reduce site cleanup that may result from spilled material.
  • The proven fuel-efficient hydrostatic transmission helps to keep the machine operating cost and noise to a minimum while still providing the productivity needed on the job.
  • Optional attachment assist package includes proportional mini-joystick 3rd function control with detent, combined creep control and throttle lock, and integrated electrical attachment controls (three-pin).
    • The left pedal acts as a brake and inching pedal. If the pedal is pushed all the way down, the machine comes to a complete stop. If the pedal is pressed partially down, the machine will proportionally move slower and continue at that set speed.

Compact size and simple optionality allow G-Tier machines to excel on any site

John Deere 304 G-Tier Compact Wheel Loader OptionsJohn Deere compact wheel loaders are known for their abilities to fit in tight working spaces. The G-Tier lineup provides owners and operators a rugged and reliable, yet economical solution that doesn’t sacrifice on quality or John Deere and dealer support that they’ve come to expect.

  • The 304 G-Tier has a machine height of 8 feet 7 inches (2,618 mm) (when configured with a canopy) and width of 6 feet 5 inches (1,960 mm), meaning it has a smaller footprint than articulation plus models and can perform effectively in smaller working areas.
  • Options like canopy and limited optionality helps ensure these machines can be configured at an attractive price point, but performance-enhancing optionality allows for greater machine capabilities when needed.
  • Simple and intuitive functionality of the machine controls are a perfect fit for operators of all experience levels.

Enjoy all day comfort with the spacious and ergonomically friendly cab

John Deere 304 G-Tier Compact Wheel Loader CabWhether the machine is equipped with a canopy or enclosed cab, the operator focused designs found within John Deere compact wheel loaders ensure operators are comfortable and productive all day.

  • To help keep operators more comfortable during a long shift, an improved air conditioning system with adjustable louvers comes standard on enclosed cab machines. The optimized duct work and additional louvers provide increased airflow and allow the operator to direct airflow where it is needed.
  • Ergonomic, low effort controls all on the right side allow operators to work comfortably and more efficiently.
  • Machine display is redesigned and mounted to the cab A-frame, putting it in better line of sight for the operator while also allowing for location adjustability.
  • Ample storage within the cab allows operators to keep personal items close and secure.
  • Adjustable steering column in enclosed cab units allows operators to easily move the steering wheel to a desired position to help increase operator comfort and allow easy ingress and egress.
  • Canopy allows easy access to enter and exit the cab and improved and unobstructed visibility of the entire machine.

Increase your machine’s versatility with John Deere’s wide array of attachment offerings

John Deere 304 G-Tier Compact Wheel Loader AttachmentsWith over 100 attachments offered in the John Deere attachment portfolio, you can make the most out of your compact wheel loader by equipping it with many popular attachments.

  • Skid steer Quik-Tatch™ coupler and hook/Euro style couplers allow increased optionality to utilize a range of attachments. The common interface means previous series attachments will be able to be used on the new G-Tier machines.
  • The attachment assist package makes it easier for operators to get the most out of attachments by combining throttle lock and creep control to maintain full power at a set ground speed. It also includes 3rd function mini-joystick control for increased operator comfort.
  • Optimized forks for compact wheel loaders offer improved visibility, capacity, and better durability.
  • Standard auxiliary hydraulics allow the use of attachments like snow blowers or augers and by simply pressing a switch in the cab, operators can easily connect and disconnect attachments and enable them to have full function flow without having to manually press buttons throughout the day.
  • Optional electrical attachment control field kit enables additional attachments to be compatible with these machines.

Ease of serviceability allows you to spend more time completing the tasks at hand

John Deere 304 G-Tier Compact Wheel Loader MaintenanceEnhanced serviceability features and ease of access to daily and preventative maintenance points ensures that these tasks do not significantly cut into working hours. These machines are also supported by one of the industry’s largest dealer networks, meaning there are more technicians in the shop or field and more parts on the shelf.

  • Ground level service simplifies daily maintenance, keeping machine in good working condition without cutting into working hours. This also enables operators to change fluids quickly and cleanly to keep equipment running smoothly.
  • The cooling package optimizes efficiency and cleanout. The flow-through design minimizes contamination from debris buildup. This significantly reduces material buildup on the coolers. The coolers are also spaced to allow ease of access for cleanout from ground level and the air entry and exit screens have been increased in size over previous series machines.
  • To maximize time spent on the job instead of in the shop, compact wheel loaders feature extended service intervals for engine oil and filter, final drive oil, and hydraulic oil.
  • G-Tier compact wheel loaders are now equipped with a 30% larger fuel tank, meaning machines can run longer throughout the day without the need for refueling.
  • The automatic spring-applied hydraulically released park brakes help maximize uptime and are a safer and more reliable feature than most competitor’s cable-operated park brakes.

Excellent visibility for increased situational and jobsite awareness

John Deere 304 G-Tier Compact Wheel Loader VisibilityCompact wheel loaders are built with operator visibility in mind. From the increased amount of glass in the cab and tapered boom, to the rear sloping hood and everything in between, operators will have increased visibility to all sides of the machine.

  • New cab design features a frameless, full-glass door and floor to ceiling front windshield that provides clear line of sight to the front tires, attachments, and machine surroundings. The right-side window, also full-glass, swings out 180° to further enhance overall visibility.
  • Single boom and bucket cylinder in line with each other helps ensure the operator is able to efficiently change out between attachments.
  • Tapered boom design has been optimized for improved parallel lifting capabilities, especially when forks are being used in applications like landscaping. The design also provides excellent viewing of attachments and material.
  • Sloped rear hood and rearview mirrors allow superb views to the rear of the machine when backing up.
  • Optional light-emitting diode (LED) lighting package that offers two different styles of LED lights results in increased productivity in low light conditions due to significantly better illumination of the machine surroundings compared to standard halogen bulbs. It will also result in a more durable and reliable light source over time when compared to standard halogen bulbs.


Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar

Engine Model: 4TN86CHT-M

Emission Rating: EPA Tier 4/EU Stage V

Displacement: 128 Cu In. (2.1 L)

Rated Speed: 2,200 RPM

Engine Output, Net: 72 hp (53 kW)

Torque: 202 Lb-Ft (274 Nm)

Transmission Type: Hydrostatic

Front Differential Type: Limited Slip

Rear Differential Type: Limited Slip

Standard Tire Size: 405/70R20

Service Brake Type: Wet Disc & Drum

Service Brake Actuation: Hydraulic

Parking Brake Type: Wet Disc


Height Over Cab: 8 Ft 7 In. (2,610 mm)

Wheelbase: 7 Ft 1 In. (2,150 mm)

Ground Clearance: 13 In. (332 mm)

Width Over Tires: 6 Ft 5 In. (1,960 mm)

Height to Pivot Pin: 11 Ft (3,350 mm)

Reach at 45° Dump: 5 Ft 6 In. (1,680 mm)


Fuel Tank: 16.4 U.S. Gal. (62 L)

Hydraulic Tank: 11.9 U.S. Gal. (45 L)

Heaped Capacity: 1 Cu Yd. (0.8 Cu M)

Bucket Breakout: 11,023 Lbf (5,000 kgf)

Ride Control System: Optional

Pump Type: Gear

Pump Flow: 21 U.S. Gal./Min. (80 L/Min.)

System Pressure: 3,336 PSI (230 Bar)


Operating Weight: 12,941 Lbs (5,870 kg)

304 G-Tier Compact Wheel Loader