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Harvest How-To Series | Gen 4 Display Setup

The John Deere Gen 4 Display family is the latest & greatest when it comes to data recording. While basic setup will look a bit different than the traditional GreenStar displays, it’s actually very simple to do and takes only minutes. Join Taylor Hanson, Integrated Solutions Specialist, as she walks through the step-by-step setup for […]

Harvest How-To Series | Combine Advisor Overview

When it comes to harvesting technology, the days of relying solely on a 2-point yield calibration are gone. The John Deere Combine Advisor package has changed the game by incorporating machine optimization and automation to make operation simpler than ever. Scott Meldrum, Integrated Solutions Manager, is here to give us an overview of what this […]

Harvest How-To Series | GreenStar 3 2630 Display Setup

Yield maps are critical to making data-driven decisions on your operation. But how can you ensure that you’re collecting the best info possible while harvesting? Brian Titus, Van Wall Integrated Solutions Specialist, is here to walk you through the proper setup of your John Deere GreenStar 3 2630 display! Questions? Give our Precision Ag Support […]

Harvest How-To Series | Pre-Harvest Head Checks

Your corn and soybean heads are the first thing to touch crop when harvesting – so it’s crucial for them to be in good shape. Eric Mensen points out the key parts & areas to inspect on your header equipment before hitting the field this fall! Questions? Click here to find and contact your nearest […]

Harvest How-To Series | Pre-Harvest Combine Checks

Pre-harvest equipment walkarounds are key to having a successful, trouble-free season. Hear from Van Wall’s Integrated Solutions Manager, Scott Meldrum, about important points to check on your combine before hitting the field! Questions? Click here to find and contact your nearest Service Department for assistance.

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