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John Deere Equine Discount Program

John Deere Equine Discounts Program FAQ

John Deere fit his first horseshoe over 184 years ago – and we’ve been proud to support the equine industry ever since. Equine association members can enjoy exclusive deals on select John Deere utility, hay, & turf equipment through the Equine Discounts program, available at Van Wall locations across the Midwest! Read on for all […]

Buyer’s Guide | What Size of Tractor Do I Need?

When it comes to acreage land management, projects seem never-ending and can be scary to tackle. Compact tractors are a great option to help make the toughest jobs easy, but how do you know what kind is right for you? We’ve put together some expert tips, questions, and specs to consider when shopping for your […]

Buyer’s Guide | ExactApply Walkaround

When it comes to application technology, Section Control has long been the cream of the crop. Turning sections on and off while moving through the field helps save product and prevent overapplication. But what if we could take that one step further? Enter John Deere ExactApply™ – it’s the best sprayer upgrade since Section Control, […]

Buyer’s Guide | Tires vs. Tweels

If you’ve been mower shopping in the last few years, chances are you’ve seen the Michelin X Tweel airless tires. As an additional option on select machines, what makes them different than traditional tires? Here’s a few key points you should know as a buyer! First, let’s start with the basics – what is a […]

Buyer’s Guide | Used vs. New

When it comes to equipment shopping, a common question we receive is whether to buy used or new. While both options have great advantages depending on your needs, there are also a few key points to be cautious of. Check out our list of pros & cons below to decide which machine is right for […]

John Deere 1025R Tractor Review

John Deere 1025R Tractor Review

Today our salesmen Michael Benson and Regan Hawbaker are going to be reviewing the John Deere 1025R Tractor! In this review our team will go over the key features, controls and attachments on the John Deere 1025R Tractor. They will also discuss who the ideal customer is for this model.  If you have any questions […]

STIHL Power Yard Equipment

Yard Equipment 101

When it comes to power yard equipment, there’s no one tool that can do everything. But, having a tool for every single job can make your lawnscaping harder than it needs to be. Check out our expert tips on choosing the right STIHL power equipment to lock in your Yard of the Month Club title […]

Top 5 Winter Attachments

Don’t let the snow pile up this winter!  Put your John Deere tractor to use with our reliable and diverse winter attachments.  Here are the top 5 winter attachments to help you remove snow and ice on your property! 1. Snow Blower: The snow drifts don’t stand a chance against the Frontier 3-Point Blower!  The […]

Snowblower Buyer's Guide

Video: Snowblower Buyer’s Guide

Learn about the different models and features of the single stage and 2 stage snowblowers we have to offer. In this video we feature Honda & Ariens snowblowers.

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