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Buyer’s Guide | ExactApply Walkaround

When it comes to application technology, Section Control has long been the cream of the crop. Turning sections on and off while moving through the field helps save product and prevent overapplication. But what if we could take that one step further? Enter John Deere ExactApply™ – it’s the best sprayer upgrade since Section Control, and we’re here to tell you why.


Choosing nozzles is an important step in any sprayer pass.  Droplet size, drift, pressure, and speed are factors that can change frequently depending on the application, and it’s almost impossible to find one tip that can do it all. Changing traditional nozzles is an option, but requires some manual labor outside of the cab that can take time away from spraying. ExactApply™ solves this issue with A/B Nozzle Switching.

Automatic Mode

Automatic mode works by switching between 3 nozzle options (A, B, A+B) as your speed changes. Simply set the minimum and maximum pressures for each nozzle option and let ExactApply™ do the work for you. The best part? Automatic switching gives you the option to maintain droplet size anywhere between 5 and 18 MPH!

Automatic A/B Nozzle Switching

Manual Mode

The manual system still uses the same 3 nozzle options, but allows the operator to make changes as they desire. Manual mode is especially useful for field outlining conditions where a low-drift nozzle is needed for the outer pass, but not necessarily the rest of the field. It also works with pulsing mode, where automatic A/B switching does not.

Field Outlining (Manual A/B Switching)


The design of the nozzle turret has more features than just the A/B Nozzle Switching. It also allows the ExactApply™ system to have a higher frequency pulsing option compared to other sprayers on the market. 

Most nozzles today are pulsing at 15 Hz; but with our design, we’re able to pulse at 30 Hz. How does it work? Each ExactApply™ nozzle body contains 2 solenoid valves. Depending on how the turret is aligned, one solenoid is activated and you spray at the usual 15 Hz pulsing rate. Once the inner notches align, both solenoids are engaged and the nozzles begin pulsing at 30 Hz.

Having the advantage of a higher pulse rate means you get more even coverage and a 25% increase in flow over other competitive spray systems!


One of the greatest advantages of the ExactApply™ system is the ability to control each nozzle individually. We’re no longer limited to 11 sections that can vary between 8 and 11 feet long – instead, we can hug waterways, terraces, and irregularly-shaped boundaries like never before. Plus, when you combine our individual nozzle control & turn compensation features, you could save up to 2-5% on your input cost!

Individual Nozzle Control

Overapplying chemical has an impact on more than just your bottom line. Product resistance is becoming more of a concern each day, and being able to control overlap at a nozzle-by-nozzle level is a huge step in the right direction. Plus, you won’t have to worry about wasting chemical and damaging growth on vegetative areas inside your field.

Individual Nozzle Control

Turn Compensation

Turns in fields are unavoidable – but it’s something that can lead to over- and underapplication in the extreme. By varying the duty cycle (pulse length) of each nozzle while turning the machine, ExactApply™ is able to maintain the target rate across the boom. This means your inner sections aren’t burned, and your outer sections aren’t left uncovered.

Turn Compensation


With more technology comes a standard follow-up question: how will I know what to fix if something goes wrong? Luckily, our ExactApply™ engineers built in some great features to make it easier for you to optimize & diagnose your system.

Wireless Key Fob

Testing nozzles used to be quite the cardio workout. With the new wireless key fob, you can turn sections on and off from behind the machine, either by individual nozzle or configured section. This makes it easier to test nozzles after making repairs, or perform a preseason check before hitting the field.

LED Nozzle Lighting

Spraying in low-light conditions is a gamble – how will you be able to see if a spray pattern is off, or a nozzle is non-functional? With individual LED nozzle lights, you can apply with confidence at any time of day. Lights can be set up as constantly on, constantly off, or strobing with the spray pattern. Plus, ExactApply™ uses the lights to identify nozzle bodies experiencing issues in the field.

Maintenance Kit

Spraying across a large area, and not sure how close your nearest Van Wall store is? We’ve got you covered with the ExactApply™ Maintenance Kit. Included are the basic tools you’ll need to make quick repairs, like a torque wrench, solenoid valve, and special service tool. Ask your local Parts Professional for more details!

Curious to learn more about all that ExactApply™ has to offer? Chat with our Application Specialists today!

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