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Buyer’s Guide | Tires vs. Tweels

If you’ve been mower shopping in the last few years, chances are you’ve seen the Michelin X Tweel airless tires. As an additional option on select machines, what makes them different than traditional tires? Here’s a few key points you should know as a buyer!

First, let’s start with the basics – what is a Tweel? Produced by Michelin, they’re an airless tire that never goes flat, even over rough terrain. The inner poly-resin spokes are strong yet flexible, absorbing impact while still maintaining their shape over time. Currently, Tweels are compatible with Z900 B, E, M, and R series gas-powered zero turn mowers.

Because the Tweel is an open-frame tire, there’s no more risk of flats – ever. If you’re mowing in an area that’s exposed to sharp objects – such as an area close to a worksite or shop – this could save lots of downtime when it comes to checking pressure or fixing flat tires. While flat tires may not be the #1 issue you face in lawn care, it’s nice to know that the problem has been completely eliminated.

The construction of the Tweel was based on an even hub height across the machine. This allows the deck to maintain a more level position during operation, meaning you get a more uniform cut across your lawn. Not only does this help cosmetically (yard of the month club, here we come), but also ensures that your grass is cut cleanly to maintain health and retain proper moisture.

Consistent hub height and spoke design doesn’t only lead to a more uniform cut – it also means you get a smoother, more comfortable ride. Because the spokes are able to flex when encountering bumps, the Tweels are able to absorb more of the shock and disturb the operator less. Sidehills are no match for the Tweel, as they even offer excellent lateral stability when compared to a traditional wheel.

Tweels aren’t just easier on the operator – they also wear better than regular tires, increase fuel economy with less rolling resistance, and are gentler on turf. With a wear life that is up to 3 times longer than a regular pneumatic tire, it’s budget friendly in both time & cost savings down the road. The multi-directional tread offers superior traction control, and prevents turf damage as opposed to more traditional treads. Every type of mower – from residential to commercial care businesses – can benefit from all the Tweels have to offer.

Our Parts & Sales Teams would love to help you decide if the Michelin X Tweel airless tires are right for you. Contact us today to learn more!


  1. Kevin Hill

    Is the tweel available for the John Deere 636M quiktrax stand on?

    1. administrator77

      Tweels are currently only available on the R series Quiktrak mowers.

      1. Earl Dailey II

        So is the new 545R 1 for the Tweels

        1. administrator77

          No. R series “Quicktrak” models can be spec’d Tweels. The 545R is not currently available with Tweels.

        2. April Shields

          Hi Earl! Right now, the MICHELIN X TWEEL Turf Airless Radial Tires are only compatible with Z900 E, M, and R series ZTrak mowers, and select QuikTrak stand-on mowers.

  2. Michael S Kaplan

    Hello, Would you say the Tweel tires have more traction on soft or wet conditions? Thank you, Mike

    1. Van Wall Equipment

      Hey Michael! Yes, the MICHEL X TWEEL airless radial tires do typically perform better in soft/wet conditions when compared to a traditional pneumatic tire. They are also more gentle on sensitive grasses and turf material.

  3. I was wondering. When mowing on the side of a hill. Will the tweet on the low side sag more causing it more likely to fill over than a pneumatic radial tire?

    1. April Pelzer

      Hey Les! The MICHELIN X TWEEL TURF airless radial tires have full-width spokes that help provide excellent lateral and sidehill stability. We recommend consulting the operator’s manual to find the slope degree limit for your specific model.

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