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Yard Equipment 101

Power Yard Equipment 101

When it comes to power yard equipment, there’s no one tool that can do everything. But, having a tool for every single job can make your lawnscaping harder than it needs to be. Check out our expert tips on choosing the right STIHL power equipment to lock in your Yard of the Month Club title this summer!

STIHL Hedge Trimmer

When evaluating your landscape for equipment needs, make sure to take note of how many varieties of plants, surfaces, and obstacles you have to work with. In essence, if your yard is pretty simple and only has a small amount of low-maintenance landscaping, you won’t need as many tools as a yard with several landscaped areas and a wide variety of plants and shrubs. You should also make a mental note of how many of your plants, shrubs, and trees need special care or specific maintenance tools. For example, you may benefit from a powered STIHL Hedge Trimmer if you have large hedges that need groomed regularly.

STIHL String Trimmer

Any yard, no matter how big or small, can benefit from certain ‘bare minimum’ tools. Use a STIHL Trimmer to clean up grass along curbs, sidewalks, bed areas, or other spots that you aren’t able to cut with a mower. STIHL Blowers make great tools for clearing leaves, grass clippings, or other light debris from large areas. If your yard has trees or larger shrubbery, a STIHL Chainsaw is a great tool for clearing stray branches or cleaning up after windstorms.

STIHL Pole Pruner

Along with typical power yard equipment, STIHL also offers specialty tools and larger power products for bigger jobs. For yards or sites with tall branches that you can’t reach with a traditional chainsaw, consider a STIHL Pole Pruner. Bonus, these pruners make a great addition to lawn & landscape service businesses. Have a big yard and spend lots of time spraying each year? Check out the STIHL Sprayers with both manual and powered options for different job sizes. If your landscape includes decks, patios, or large concrete areas, a STIHL Pressure Washer could be the perfect investment for cleaning rust and grime buildup.

SITHL KombiSystem

Find yourself adding almost every tool to your shopping list? The STIHL KombiSystem is a great option for homeowners, landscapers, and other yard professionals with varied needs. Instead of owning a separate power tool for each job you need to complete, you simply have one power unit with changeable attachments. Not only does this help make owning power yard equipment more cost-effective, but also cuts down on the amount of tool maintenance needed each year. Attachment options range from blowers to edgers to brushes, with options to fit just about any yard!

Give us a call or stop by your nearest Van Wall Equipment location today to learn more and shop our lineup of STIHL power tools!

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